Motherhood has a very humanizing effect. Everything gets reduced to essentials.~Meryl Streep

Motherhood has a very humanizing effect.  Everything gets reduced to essentials.~Meryl Streep

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Some Good Books

With much information and so many books have you ever wondered where to find the good/useful information? I decided to create a list of books that have inspired me over the past two years.

Secrets of the Baby Whisper by Tracy Hogg. This book gave me insight in discovering my child's temperament and how to communicate and understand my baby, treating her the way I would like to be treated. You'll also get helpful tips on setting your baby on a routine within weeks by using E.A.S.Y. This book is a MUST for all new moms!!!

The Vaccine Book by Robert W. Sears, M.D., F.A.A.P.
Being a new mother, the hype surrounding vaccinations scared me (to say the least). But this book was very informative. Instead of giving parents advice, it provides an in-dept look at each vaccine and disease, including, ingredients used, side effects, and the rarity of diseases This book gave me the knowledge and understanding to assist my family in making a good decision for our child. Please, talk to your child’s pediatrician about any concerns you may have.

The Wonder Weeks by Hetty Vanderijt, Ph.D, and Frans Plooij, Ph.D.
When Alexis was about 3 months, I was very discouraged with her behavior. Her sleeping, eating, attitude, and just about everything went on the frits. This book gave me courage and understanding why Alexis was acting the way she was. The Wonder Weeks will take you through the first 14 months and outline the 8 major development periods. Providing charts, calendars, and checklists, this book will teach you how to aid your baby through these fussy periods and track their progress.

Be Prepared by Gary Greenberg and Jeannie Hayden. This is a survival manual for guys entering fatherhood. My husband (and I) have been inspired with the insights, tips, and advice on conquering the first year of our child’s life.

Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Pregnancy by John Adams, M.D. and Marta Justak. This book provides advice and information from conception to post-delivery. I really enjoyed that this book was written by both and OB/GYN and a mother. So you will get both perspectives on a variety of issues.

Louder Than Words by Jenny McCarthy. What this book taught me was you must be your own advocate for your child. Go to whatever length to get the answers you are looking for at whatever cost. If you do have an Autistic child, Jenny does an awesome job taking you through Evan’s journey of Autism and his recovery.

Please feel free to comment and share any books that have inspired you!

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