Motherhood has a very humanizing effect. Everything gets reduced to essentials.~Meryl Streep

Motherhood has a very humanizing effect.  Everything gets reduced to essentials.~Meryl Streep

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Consignment Shopping

I love great deals and shopping in a Consignment store is one way I save and make a little money! But how do you know if you are getting a great deal or just buying used rags? Anyone can shop Consignment, but to be great at it all you need are some tips, patience, and a little endurance.

Here are some tips to being a smart consignment shopper:
  1. Know your price range before shopping. Consignment shops differ in price ranges, so know your budget before picking a store. If you are looking to spend $10 to $20, you should look at going to a lower-end resale store. For high-end designers, only go to high-end consignment shops.
  2. Don't be in a rush and if can make the trip without the kids, do it. Consignment stores have so much at great discounts; you have got to take your time looking. I search through the racks for the really good bargains that have been marked down.
  3. Check the stores return policy. Each store has their own return policy and you need to know if they accept returns, give store credit, and how long you have to bring back an item.
  4. Only buy items in like-new condition. You should only shop at stores that sell excellent condition items, and always review the condition of the item before purchasing it. Never accept items that have holes, stains or are tarnished in any way.
  5. Sign up on their guest book, personal shopper lists, or e-mail lists. It’s a great way to request items you are looking for and they will call you when the item comes in. You will also receive newsletter updates on sales and upcoming events.
  6. Make friends with the sales people. New items come in daily, and often times items don't even make it onto the rack, so stop into the store once a week.

Consignment stores are also a great way to make some extra money on clothing, toys, or items that are no longer used. Most Consignment stores will give you 40% of the price of each item sold, in cash, or 50% of the price of the items sold, in store credit.

Here are some tips to Consigning your own stuff:

  1. Make sure your clothes are clean and neatly folded. The better your clothes look, the quicker they will sell, and the quicker you will get money. Try fabric softener-your clothes will smell great.
  2. Equipment sells better with instructions and current price info.
  3. Equipment and accessories also must be cleaned.
  4. Bring your stuff in early in the season. The earlier you bring them in, the higher it can be priced and the more money you will make. Some stores reduce the sale price 25% after being on the rack for a month.
  5. Save yourself the trip and call ahead to make sure they are accepting the items you’re looking to consign.

Like I said I love great deals! And fact that I can take some of my daughter’s items in to consign and exchange for what she needs is a great money saving technique that I will utilize for several years. To locate a store near you either check your local phone book or go to

I have two personal favorite Consignment stores that I shop at and consign regularly: Little Trends located in Dracut, MA and Mother & Child located in Nashua, NH. If you are looking to be a Consignor or just Consignment shopping I highly suggest checking out these two stores! They both have great deals, monthly events, and special reward programs for frequent shoppers. Check them out!!!

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